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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Nadia G

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EAT YOUR HEART OUT, BOBBY FLAY. Nadia G’s mix of culinary know-how and edgy persona makes for a one-of-a-kind cookbook in Bitchin’ Kitchen.

Nadia G (short for Giosia) is the comedienne-chef-author of Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook that has taken the culinary world by storm. Starting off as an online cooking series, Bitchin’ Kitchen is one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in North America. It embraces present-day culture by cooking up simple recipes with a bit of edge and attitude.

Giosia grew up in a conservative Italian family where she learned all of her homemade recipes and developed her love for cooking. However, she decided to do something unheard of and rebel against the conservative Italian mindset.

Along with her love for cooking, Giosia had always been interested in media and in her early 20s she developed the idea of creating a cooking show that was both risqué and funny.

“I decided to make fun of my cake and eat it too,” she says. Unwilling to wait for big name producers to approach her, Giosia went ahead with her idea and it became a booming success.

The concept for an online comedic cooking show was something unique and fresh. Following the YouTube trend, Giosia pursued her idea and the right connections and resources “fell into her lap.”

With the success of the show " raking in almost half the number of hits on YouTube as Martha Stewart " Giosia decided to make a cookbook.

“I was focusing on the Internet, but a cookbook seemed to be a natural step,” she says. “I liked the idea of having a book " something tangible, something that felt real.”

Giosia’s spunk and creativity is at the root of Bitchin’ Kitchen’s success. She thought up all of the concepts and designed all of the graphics for the website. The hilarious themes and pictures in the Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook are not the kind you would see in your typical cookbook.

“This project has allowed me to push my skills to the max. I have taught myself a lot by making mistakes and learning from them,” she says.

The Bitchin’ Kitchen theme won’t end with the cookbook. This year, she plans to expand the lifestyle brand to create a Bitchin’ Kitchen subculture with one of the upcoming projects being a reno-design home décor show.

The quirky concept of Bitchin’ Kitchen is seen through the variety of recipes. “Single-Life Salmon” or the “One-Night-Stand Breakfasts” are some of the many examples of these quick and easy-to-follow recipes.

The cooking series promotes affordable, fun food for a younger generation.

“The ‘Broke-Ass’ chapter is really good for college students. The book is for people who are starting to get into lifestyles and want to teach themselves how to cook,” she says.

Giosia’s rebellious and witty attitude gives the Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook its Net-Gen appeal. The book embraces a modernistic culture by being different and creating shock value. Bitchin’ Kitchen is funky, fresh and quite frankly, it kicks Martha Stewart’s ass.

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