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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Nadia Giosia’s Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook brandishes a campy aesthetic quite different from your standard Jamie Oliver recipe guide. Do not be fooled by the obnoxious colouring and pictures of half-naked men; Giosia provides a wide variety of mouth-watering recipes, not to mention entertaining relationship advice.

From the number one online cooking show Bitchin’ Kitchen, this Italian cook focuses on “the daily dish that’s relevant to a new generation who simply don’t give a flying fuck about stuffing a turkey in the name of pillaging.”

Each chapter provides fabulous recipes while integrating twisted and humorous tips on everyday social scenarios. Chapters such as “The Single Life,” “Anxiety Blasters” and “Break-up Bonanza” include great recipes that people of any cooking ability can prepare.

Fun and games aside, the cookbook gives fantastic tips for amateur cooks or even those alien to the kitchen. These tips include great health advice such as using organic products when available, locating the signs of expired meat and staying away from refined sugars.

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen Book

Giosia also gives healthy choice options to somewhat belly bulging dishes. These include snacks such as her signature recipe for chips, which are made with vitamin rich parsnips, instead of potatoes.

The book includes a wide variety of meals that even the pickiest and discerning eaters can enjoy. She includes great staple recipes such as “Mom’s Chicken Soup,” “Mac and Cheese” and “Lock Down French Toast” which any beginner is bound to deliver.

For the more adventurous cook, Giosia features exotic dishes such as “Watermelon and Feta Salad,” “Chicken and Banana Curry” and “Mediterranean Chickpea Stew.”

Also worth noting, most of Giosia’s recipes are within a student budget. While some ingredients may not prove to be the most critical items on your grocery list " such as parsley, basil and leeks " they will definitely not break the bank.

More importantly, Giosia wants her reader to be creative with their cooking. Her secret ingredient that can make any dish taste its very best is one that cannot be purchased at any price " love.

When cooking, one tends to forget the most vital aspect of the culinary experience is not only pleasing and satisfying your guests, but also yourself. With her own brand of wild lingo and funky flair, Giosia captures the fun of cooking and also displays the significance food has on our mood, life and well-being.

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