Jeremy Hotz mixes the miserable with stand-up

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Jeremy Hotz

Courtesy of Just For Laughs

HOTZ’S METHOD OF STAYING AWAKE IN CLASS. Canadian comic Jeremy Hotz brings his “What a Miserable Tour This Is” show to London tonight at Centennial Hall.

“Canadians are very self-effacing people. We’re not very bold and brash, and neither is my act. It works very nicely,” comedian Jeremy Hotz explains about performing for his favourite audience.

Though he has travelled across the globe with his stand-up comedy and now lives in the U.S., Hotz enjoys returning to his Canadian roots as often as he can. Unlike the Americans who are “not as swift” with receiving his jokes, Hotz notes that his Canadian audiences simply “just get it.”

Hotz has tried his hand at everything in comedy from writing for The Jon Stewart Show to acting opposite Elizabeth Hurley in My Favourite Martian. Though, in his words, “movies are boring as fucking shit” and he much prefers doing his own stand-up act. This is understandably so " Hotz has had great success performing in all kinds of venues. Whether it’s at a Yuk Yuk’s club or a Just For Laughs show, he sells out at the box office every time.

What keeps the tickets selling is perhaps his unique style, this “not very bold and brash” approach that he feels fits so well with Canadians. Hotz says it’s not something audiences normally get from a comedian.

“Most comics walk out and they go, ‘Hey, how’s everybody doing? It’s great to be here tonight.’ And I walk out going, ‘This is shit.’ I drag the microphone across the stage like I’m wearing a ball and chain,” he says.

Though Hotz attests he has “a unique ability of [having] bad things happening to him,” the man that audiences see on stage is part of the act. On stage, he becomes the miserable character audiences know and love. He calls the man “a hyperextension of [him]self.”

From the knuckles on his mouth to his signature eye-rubbing, his stand-up is visibly different from many comedians in the way he uses certain mannerisms.

“I don’t do anything normally " I get laughs out of talking about remarkably miserable things; I put my hand in front of my face, turn my back on the audience. Everything that I do is wrong, and yet, if you take all those things and put them together, it works.”

Off the stand-up stage Hotz has recently been working on various television projects. In Canada, he shot two experimental episodes of a show he created with the CBC called My Life and a Movie, which has yet to see the green light.

More recently, Hotz has developed a show for American television that has begun looking for a network to call home. No matter the result, Hotz says, “The bottom line is I’m a stand-up comic. I do stand-up.”

He is currently crossing the country on his “What a Miserable Tour This Is” tour " a fitting title for those who know his work.

Jeremy Hotz stops by London for a double-header tonight at Centennial Hall at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

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