OC Society offers first years academic challenge

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

dOCathlon cartoon team

For any first year students interested in showing off their academic prowess in a non-Scantron related environment, the UWO Society of Off-Campus Students may have just the event for you.

Randy Nanjad, a co-ordinator for the “dOCathlon,” which takes place on campus on the evening of March 11, says the event will be “a fun, exciting academic competition.”

“We’re basically trying to take the best of each faculty’s knowledge base, allow people to flex their academic muscles and meet people from other faculties.” Nanjad notes how this event also fits perfectly with the Off-Campus Society’s mandate.

In the dOCathlon, teams of five students will compete in 10 challenges inspired by different campus faculties including FIMS, Arts & Humanities, Science, Health Science, Engineering, Social Science and Music. The night will begin at the Physics and Astronomy Building and will then move to the Social Science Centre for the games rooms.

The exact nature of the competitions is being closely guarded, according to Nanjad.

“We’re keeping that pretty close to the vest,” he says.

Nanjad feels academic networking is an important part of university life.

“The event is targeted towards all first year students. I think it’s a chance to really make academics fun. First year is an interesting time of transition in their education. By this point in the year they’ll mostly have settled into a groove as far as their studies go.”

The first prize for the winners of the event will be tickets to the March 27 OC Formal. “Each ticket is a 40 dollar value and includes dinner and dancing and a great night at the Delta Hotel,” Nanjad says.

Students need not organize a team of five to join the event, as “free agents” are also eligible to join. Participants can sign up at the Off-Campus Resource Centre. Tickets for the event cost $5.

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