Debut of Ivey Film Festival a success

Kara MacLean picks up Overall Film Excellence award for I Remember

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Winners stand on stage with their trophies

Kelvin Oh

A NEW TRADITION IS BORN? Last Wednesday evening, Room 1R40 of the Ivey Building hosted the first ever Ivey Film Festival. The submissions are available to view online at

Last Wednesday night, enthusiastic hobbyists and aspiring filmmakers alike gathered as their films were showcased for the first annual Ivey Film Festival.

The films " ranging from one-minute statements to 10-minute tales " were nominees for one of four award categories: Best Action, Best Drama, Social Impact Award or Best Comedy. Three films were also to be chosen for third, second and first place in Overall Film Excellence.

The awards were decided by a prestigious panel of judges, consisting of Carrie Wolfe (VP-publicity and promotion for Alliance Films), Greg Mason (VP-marketing for Walt Disney Studios Canada) and Cam Haygarth (executive at CBC). Additionally, ballots were handed out for the audience to decide the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

The quality of the films ranged from evidently student-made to stunningly professional, and fortunately, most of the films leaned towards the latter. For example, Best Action winner, The Ghetto Way (by Mohammed Elrafih, Dominic Toso, Chris Lyons), incorporated stunning and complex visual effects including slow motion, realistic blood splatters and even bullet-time.

Best Comedy and People’s Choice Award winner, Roommates (by John Gould and Ryan Nelson) " a mockumentary about the lives of two very different roommates " was genuinely hilarious and had outstanding acting.

I Remember by Kara MacLean was crowned the winner in Overall Film Excellence. It was a beautifully made short film " told in the form of flashbacks " about an ex-couple seeing each other across the street and the fond memories that flood them. In the end, they awkwardly pass each other without saying a word, but as they cross paths, the film " previously shot in black and white " gains colour for a moment.

The festival, sponsored by CTV Globe Media, was open to all Western students including affiliated colleges and was hosted to promote film, give students insight into the industry and give aspiring filmmakers a chance to gain exposure for some of their work. Judging by the large audience, with every seat filled, the night was a success.

“Something like this is a good opportunity because it encourages filmmaking,” Wolfe said. “To get an idea and make it come to life; it’s amazing.”

Various prizes were given out to the award winners of the night, including a high-end digital camcorder awarded to MacLean.

“It’s an honour to win, all the other films were really good,” she said. “I’m obsessed with film. It’s my life. I’ve watched every movie ever.”

Hopefully, the success of the night will make the Ivey Film Festival an annual tradition that will continue to inspire students to creatively express themselves. Students interested in film are encouraged to look out for the festival next year.

Festival Winners

Overall Film Excellence:
I Remember

Social Impact Award:

Best Action:
The Ghetto Way

Best Drama:

Best Comedy:

CTV People’s Choice Award:

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