UWO Comedy Club brings act to Brescia tonight

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Members of the UWO Comedy Club

Jonas Hrebeniuk

GET YOUR LAUGH ON. The UWO Comedy Club will perform tonight at Brescia University College. Pictured above are some troupe members at last year’s Shenaniganza event at The Ceeps.

When most people think of a stand-up comedy venue, an all-girls Catholic school isn’t what usually comes to mind. That could all change this Thursday night when veteran members of the UWO Comedy Club perform stand-up acts at Brescia University College.

The headlining act, Al Val, says that people in attendance can expect some “hilarious material,” but don’t expect anything too risqué from the occasionally shocking bunch of comedians. Stand-up comic and MC for the event, Omid Salari, expects a night of “good clean fun.”

“When it comes to new comics they like to make a lot of gross jokes. You get a laugh, but a groan as well. When I write material I keep it clean,” he says.

All of the night’s performers are Western students, but don’t confuse their youth with inexperience. All of these comics have at least two to three years experience performing on campus and around London.

Last year, the UWO Comedy Club successfully replaced tunes with jokes and laughter at The Ceeps when they brought their comedy act to one of London’s most popular bars. The troupe has also previously performed at The Spoke Lounge and comic LA King is a regular performer at Yuk Yuk’s.

Appropriately, the Brescia comedy event will feature female talent LA King, who Al Val describes as “the best female comedian around.” He thinks she takes a cheeky angle on serious issues, which results in her unique comedic style. LA King’s routine offers a change of pace from the male performers who have different approaches.

Al Val has a self-described “outrageous, random kind of style” while opening act Adam Henkel, the UWO Comedy Troupe leader, incorporates accents and story telling into his performance.

Salari prefers an observational mode of comedy with an emphasis on one-liners.

“I find it better when you make casual observations. It’s comedy in its most concentrated form and I think people appreciate that,” he says. The troupe’s different approaches to comedy have been successful and these comics are hoping for more of the same when they unveil brand new material at Brescia.

Despite the unconventional venue, Al Val is not at all worried about the show because he feels his comedy has both universal and student appeal. The performers are all well acquainted with campus life and look to their experiences at Western when writing material.

Salari finds humour in the great lengths students go to when eavesdropping on campus " like fake reading and listening to an iPod with no volume " and Al Val gets a kick out of conversations he had at his old job as a telemarketer.

Even though many students are feeling end of year exams and assignments creeping closer, Salari thinks that is all the more reason to come out to the show.

“The number one stress reliever isn’t going out [to the bars], being attractive and getting hit on or doing drugs. It’s using your body’s natural rhythms to laugh,” Salari explains.

And who says stress is no laughing matter?

The comedy event is open to the public and will take place tonight in St. James auditorium at Brescia University College. Single tickets are $5 and pairs are $7. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.

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