Grainger brings sexy back to CTO

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sebastien Grainger

Saturday evening featured a sexually-charged show with artists Flash Lightnin’, The Harbour Coats and Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains rocking at Call The Office until early next morning.

To begin the evening, Toronto-based power trio Flash Lightnin’ began a creative set with its blues-based southern style rock and roll. The band’s in-your-face lyrics elevated the crowd while its funky rock beat held strong throughout the evening and its music galloped energetically until the end of the set. Its last song left the crowd with a poignant statement: “Don’t ask me what I think of you / I might not give the answer you want me to.”

The band " consisting of Darren Glover (guitar/vocals), Darcy Yates (bass) and Chris Henry (drums) " was definitely a crowd pleaser. This wasn’t surprising, as Flash Lightnin’ has already shared the stage with Metric, Wintersleep, Sam Roberts Band and Broken Social Scene.

The second band, The Harbour Coats, was so relaxed on stage that the energy from Flash Lightnin’ was lost. Featuring Bryan Webb of Constantines, The Harbour Coats performed weakly and the crowd began to simmer and lose interest.

Nevertheless, the feature of the night, Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains, picked up the broken pieces. Grainger, with bassist Nick Sewell, drummer Leon Taheny and synthesizer/guitar player Andrew Scott provided an intense and fierce show. This was the third time Grainger has brought his group to London and he seemed to enjoy every minute with the audience.

Grainger’s main goal was to have fun during the evening; but despite good looks and confident stage-presence, there was difficulty hearing his vocals against his background partners.

Aside from that, Grainger didn’t hide behind the microphone. He stripped down to his bare chest, allowing the crowd to get a closer look at who he was " so to speak. His entertaining style and sexual chemistry with the audience made up for the poor-sounding lyrics.

While Grainger was polite after the band had left the stage, there was no usual encore.

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