Student art exhibition tours across campus

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Art set

Courtesy of Julia Beltrano

STUDENT ART — COMING TO A WESTERN BUILDING NEAR YOU. Art made by students in the practicum studio art course will be featured in various campus buildings until March 26.

Unless poster sales held in the University Community Centre are taken into consideration, there is a shockingly limited amount of art displayed around Western’s campus. Considering the fact that Western has a visual arts department comprised of talented and dedicated individuals, this is especially disappointing. This year, a small group of these individuals are taking the initiative to address this issue.

12 fourth year students enrolled in practicum, a two-credit, intensive studio art course, have decided to host a touring art exhibition where a mini-gallery " entitled “Anything You Can Do” " will be displayed in various buildings across campus. The practicum class graduating exhibition, “I Can Do Better,” will follow this mini-gallery.

The practicum graduating show is an annual occurrence, but this is the first year the students involved have made the extra effort to bring art to the entire Western community by touring the exhibit across campus.

“This idea came up when the 12 of us were talking about the idea of bringing the arts out of the art building and sharing it with the campus,” explains Julia Beltrano, one of the students involved with the project.

“Unless you have a class in the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre you normally won’t come into it, or you might not even know that the artLAB gallery exists, which is a shame,” she adds.

Not only is the Western community missing out on viewing good artwork, the students in the department have put so much effort towards projects that are underexposed. The practicum students must go through intensive portfolio interviews to be accepted into the class, and once enrolled, are expected to spend a minimum of 24 hours a week in studio.

“It’s a competitive environment. This is how the idea of ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ came up,” Beltrano explains. “[All of us involved] are competitive and ambitious.”

Among the pieces of the mini-gallery are a giant, pink slipper, an elaborate sculpture installation, as well as paintings and videos. With each piece, one of the artists imitated the work of another artist within the group to embrace the spirit of the show.

The touring exhibit starts today in Alumni Hall and will be featured within various campus buildings until March 26. The practicum class graduating exhibition is being held at the artLAB gallery, located in the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre, from March 27 to April 9.

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