Your Ex Is

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Your Ex Is:

  1. eight pounds
  2. washing the sheets
  3. a quick band-aid rip of healing
  4. exfoliated scum stuck in your loofah
  5. relief from acid burps, heartburn

Your ex is:

  1. not a lobster, penguin or adult
  2. a rhetorical device
  3. outlined sketchily on paper
  4. a problematic silhouette
  5. the swiggly amoeba in yellow crayon
  6. Your ex is:
  7. silent shame
  8. erupting red run-ins
  9. concerned with saving face
  10. your clear complexion
  11. the hindsight epistemology of laughter

Your ex is:

  1. a turn-off (fast as a flick, light-switch)
  2. everything you can’t get back
  3. over you
  4. the power-outage of your good judgment
  5. not worth the bad poetry you’ve written

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