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Local designers set to show off their creations

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

OHM Glam poster

Fashion has been commercialized and produced for mass consumption so it has become easy to forget one of its most important aspects: art. Luckily, there are events like the OHM Glam 2009 Fashion Show to remind us of the artful side of fashion.

OHM’s seventh annual show, taking place at Centennial Hall this Friday, will showcase the work of local and Western student designers, models, choreographers and dancers alike, including Brandon Dwyer, a competitor on Project Runway Canada.

This year’s show will focus more on fashion, hence the theme “Glam.”

“[In] previous years, the show has been very focused on dance and different videos, and we wanted to bring more of a fashion element back to the show,” says OHM co-director, Lexi Rose.

“We have a society where designers make millions of dollars on mass-produced, stand-up stuff, but the clothes that we showcase no one’s seen before " it’s brand new.”

Fans of dance need not worry, either. “It’s still high-energy dance, but we’re focusing this year more on fashion,” Rose explains.

Model walking down the runway

At the University Community Centre last Tuesday night, a group of dancers were already seen rehearsing a routine for the upcoming show.

“We want to support the people who are taking the time and have the creative capacity to do all this stuff,” says OHM’s other co-director, Melissa Crnic.

Some designers will be selling their creations during the show, while others will be putting them up for silent auction.

All proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society, a charity that will use the funds for research in hopes of developing a cure for cancer.

Last year, OHM dedicated an impressive $5,000 to the charity, even after factoring in the costs of running the show. This year, they have already surpassed that amount, having secured many corporate sponsorships including one from title sponsor White Oaks Mall.

Previously a part of the UWO Style Society, OHM became an independent USC-ratified club last year. The club hosts a few events throughout the year, but it all leads up to the annual fashion show, which its dedicated members work on all year to make possible.

“We’re volunteers, we do anything and everything we can, pay attention to detail and make sure everything’s finely tuned,” Rose says.

Rose, Crnic and the other members of the club had to work especially hard this year to secure corporate sponsorships.

Hard work is followed by rewards, as evidenced by the success in previous years, which has allowed the show to become an annual tradition.

“There have been obstacles, but we’ve come out on top,” Rose says.

Tickets for the event are available at InfoSource for $20 or at the door for $25. On March 19 at The Spoke Lounge, there will be a teaser show starting at 2 p.m for those interested in seeing what the show will be about.

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