Learning to striptease and lap dance with Ms. Electra

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Carmen Electra

Before attempting Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease series, I was skeptical. Electra doesn’t exactly have much legitimacy, and the tapes sounded like a tacky way for her to flaunt her body and tap into a vulnerable market.

The first DVD did little to change my mind. The camera in Aerobic Striptease spent an inordinate amount of time zoomed in on Electra’s face. If Electra was going to make the tape about herself, she could’ve at least catered to male viewers by indulging them with better ass shots.

To its credit, Aerobic Striptease did carefully explain the movements so people without dance training could understand the routine. However, I have no dance training whatsoever and I still found the routine slow and tame.

In the second DVD, Fit to Strip, Electra brings in fitness specialist Michael Carson to focus on exercises targeting your hips, ass, legs and arms for a “dancer’s body.” The routine is low-impact and divided into different focus areas, letting you specifically target the areas you want toned.

The full DVD didn’t have much cardio but was a solid workout with simple but effective exercises one could easily incorporate into a daily routine. Electra was less in-your-face, seemed more honest and wasn’t afraid to admit " unlike many made-up fitness stars " that some exercises made her shaky. I found this workout targeted areas other videos often miss.

DVD three, Advanced Aerobic Striptease, requires leaving self-consciousness at the door. Comprised of two routines, this DVD features costumes and, unlike the first two DVDs, includes actual stripping.

The first routine, featuring a librarian costume, is too short " the choreography only goes as far as removing the glasses, scarf and letting your hair down. At first I felt like a dumbass doing the routine, but once I got into it, it looked and felt better.

The second part is a lap dance and is much sexier and more creative. Wearing stilettos and a guy’s collared shirt, Electra teaches a lap dance routine that’s definitely sexy, if you can take yourself seriously while doing it " which is pretty hard! One tip is to do the routine in front of a mirror to make sure you’re moving the same way as Electra; she makes a potentially dull routine pretty hot.

DVD four, The Lap Dance, is just a strip routine using a chair. Still, it’s pretty sexy. Although I enjoyed the routine, I found totally pulling it off difficult. A few moves looked way less cheesy when my dancer roommate performed them. If you’re dancing for someone, I recommend doing the DVD-three routine instead.

DVD five’s hip-hop dance routine seems random and out of place in a strip series. That said, I did the routine with another roommate who also has zero dance training and we had lots of fun. With this routine, you get what you put in, and since we were into it, we definitely got our heart rates up (unlike with DVDs one, three and four). People with formal dance training will likely find the routine dull, but beginners will love this intro hip-hop routine.

My favourite was definitely DVD two; it’s a great little routine for toning your inner thighs, abs and ass. For people with no dance training, DVD five is lots of fun and will give enthusiastic people a decent cardio workout. If you’re looking for a strip routine, get DVD three: it may not get your heart rate up, but it’ll lead to other activities that will.

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