Before YOU Die?

The Gazette asked Western students what they would like to do before their day of judgment.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“Have kids.”
"Sudha Koppula
Graduate Clinical Science II

“Drive a motorcycle.”
"Heather Price
Science III

“Have a guilt free extravagant weekend in New York with a group of friends.”
"Melissa Van Zandvoort
Graduate Health and Rehabilitation Sciences I

“All on red.”
"George Demopoulos
Engineering I

“Save a person’s life.”
"Chris Mitchell
PhD Economics I

“Rob a bank.”
"Josh Curk
History III

“Live in all the metropolitan cities of the world.”
"Radha Subramanian
Ivey IV

“Build a house.”
"Jonathan Geiger
Political Science IV

“Try every drug possible.”
"Irnes Zeljkovic
Social Science I

“Play the national anthems at a major league baseball game.”
"Aaron Prasad
Music III

“Live to 75.”
"Keri Dunham
Social Science III

“Climb Mount Everest without an oxygen tank.”
"Nathan Lucas
Political Science and Music III

“Do the Iron Man.”
"Cameron Coatsworth
Geophysics III

“Ride a giraffe.”
"Wesley Sprague
Philosophy II

“There’s nothing to do!”
"Moe Hussein
Business II

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