Speed dating less awk-Ward

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Dave and Victoria eating dinner

In Campus Life’s quest to find a nice woman for me, I was sent into the world of speed dating.

The event, held at The Spoke Lounge, involved 10 men and 10 women getting to know each other for three minutes on a rotating basis.

Like any confident warrior stepping onto a battlefield, I brought two friends to watch my back.

I hoped for a large turnout to maximize the chances of finding love. The buzzer sounded and the speed dating began: I had to make the most of the situation.

After experiencing a true blind date the night before, I noticed the awkwardness level is much lower at a speed dating event.

Unlike on a blind date, I felt at ease; there was no strange first meeting at the door or lack of company to alleviate pressure.

Since many people were sharing the experience " all equally uncomfortable trying to hit it off with 10 different people in half an hour " the discomfort was minimized.

I slid from table to table, chatting up new ladies and enjoying myself quite a bit.

Perhaps it’s different for 30-somethings speed dating under the pressure of meeting someone right. For a group of 20 students, however, the event was a lark.

Though it would be fun to meet someone I connected with, for most of us it was a new experience to laugh about later.

Speed dating does provide an excuse to strike up conversations with attractive women in a bar. Not to mention, the poor woman is stuck with you for three minutes and you don’t even have to buy her a drink.

However, speed dating seems similar to meeting someone randomly at the bar. Appearance is still the initial, and often determining, attraction factor. Maybe I should have remembered I was speed dating and not worn my baggy old hoodie. Lesson learned.

In three minutes it’s difficult to get an impression of someone; asking “What program are you in?” is no more informative than “So do you come here often?”

There isn’t enough time to develop a rapport with someone and ask for their number.

In the end, I didn’t find love. Speed dating was a lot of fun, but I don’t think I would ever find someone special that way.

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