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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Strip show

Joyce Wang

Last week, Gazette editors Dave Ward, Jon Purdy and Stephanie Ramsay hit London’s strip clubs. Here’s what they thought:

Beef Baron
624 York St.
2.5 pole dancers
The club has a sports-bar feel, except it has a stage filled with naked women in the middle with seating on all sides.

We liked: The stage, which featured both vertical and horizontal poles, allowed for more interesting dance maneuvers.

We didn’t like: Most strip clubs have seating on only one stage side for a good reason. We didn’t appreciate having to look at the individuals on the other side of perverts’ row. One side of perverts’ row has higher seating, which feels awkward.


Royal Lancaster’s Men’s Club and Restaurant
2010 Dundas St.
4.5 pole dancers
The Royal Lancaster has a bad reputation, but it’s a well-decorated bar with plants and a functional setup. It’s like an airport VIP lounge, but with strippers.

We liked: The club was fairly crowded but it didn’t feel like it. It has a nice atmosphere and the dancers were friendly.

We didn’t like: The dancers’ outfits were bad and unoriginal.


Famous Flesh Gordon’s
2190 Dundas St.
3.5 pole dancers
Gordon’s has a stage in the centre of the room with frosted glass at the back.

We liked: The frosted glass lets dancers change and have drinks between songs without standing awkwardly before the crowd. The servers were polite, well-dressed, attractive and fast. Clean washrooms and friendly dancers were also big bonuses.

We didn’t like: The lighting wasn’t great.


Solid Gold
219 Dundas St.
4 pole dancers
The large club has numerous stages, including a wide main stage with mirrored glass behind it.

We liked: The dancers were talented and skillfully used the pole. The multiple stages are a good idea but weren’t being used while we were there. The dancers had creative outfits, particularly the night’s most attractive dancer, who sported a car-racing outfit.

We didn’t like: The club was " and felt " overcrowded. The dancers appeared disinterested.

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