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Teaching Gazette guys how to perform: Male stripper exposes his secret moves

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Five Gazette editors take a stripping lesson

Joyce Wang

Knowing how to seduce your partner is key to moving a few steps closer to the bedroom.

But while many guys love watching their partner strip down, we feel there’s an unfair balance â€" men need to do a little stripping too. With this in mind, I joined four co-editors for an hour-long crash course in stripping and lap dances.

Our instructor, Peter Lane, is a third-year Western psychology student and a licensed stripper. Lane, who performed his first strip show at 16 years old, performs part-time at both licensed venues and parties.

Many men are fazed by the thought of stripping. Here’s some tips from Lane to make the task less daunting.

Prior to turning on the music, your hygiene must be in full order. Disgusting breath or a foul scent destroys any chances of impressing your partner regardless of how well you dance.

Lane also emphasized the importance of grooming and addressing double standards. In other words, if you expect your partner to be cleanly shaven, you should do the same. And for a little extra incentive, trimming below the belt makes you look larger.

Lastly, keep a bottle of moisturizer nearby at all times. Dry, scaly hands are the last thing anyone wants rubbing on their body.


Find the beat
Even if you dance like you have two left feet, your chances of putting on a good striptease are still good.

The crucial element, Lane says, is finding the beat to whatever song is playing. If you follow the beat, even the simplest moves, like making a figure eight with your hips, look impressive.

Take control
Lane says that of all personas, he’s most often asked to portray a cowboy, policeman or fireman. The common thread is all of these people are in control.

If you can demonstrate your control of the situation at all times, Lane says the person you’re dancing for will feel at ease during your performance. And be sure to tailor role-playing to your partner’s interest; it’s about them, not you.

Taking off the belt

Shirt/pants removal
No matter how much you warm up your partner, eventually your clothes must come off.

Lane recommends removing your shirt by crossing your arms and taking it off from the front. This way you can expand your chest and stomach muscles and smoothly pull the shirt back down if it gets stuck on the way up.

Making small circles with your hands while your thumbs are in your shirt is another effective tactic to tease your partner.

Contrary to popular belief, no elaborate method is needed to remove pants. The faster they come off, the better. Teasing your partner with your belt, however, can be very seductive. Sliding your belt off and behind your back, for example, looks impressive and is easily executed.

Lap dance
Lane suggests caressing the neck, ears and breasts, though he also advises paying the lower back lots of attention.

To stimulate your partner’s fun parts, Lane recommended gently rubbing your knee and thigh up and down against their genitalia. You can brace yourself against the arms of a chair to avoid putting too much weight on your partner.

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