World's freakiest fetishes

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Everyone has a fetish.

If you’re sexually fixated on an object or specific body part, you have a fetish.

There’s a wide variety of fetishes.

A media fetish involves obsessing over materials like leather, rubber and latex. With form fetishes, an object’s shape " like a stiletto heel or panties " provokes arousal.

Fetishes with things like hair, feet, butts and breasts are called animate fetishes since they involve human parts.

There’s also borderline-creepy fetishes which open up a whole weird world of sexual fantasies and bizarre orgasmic triggers.

Here’s some of the weirdest reported fetishes you may never have heard of " unless you have them yourself.

Scuba fetish: Scuba fetishism falls under the category of aquaphilia, arousal involving water. People with this fetish get sexually excited while scuba diving, snorkeling or wearing diving equipment like skintight wetsuits.

Braces fetish: The sight of a full metal mouth and the brushing or feeling of braces, retainers, and/or headgear arouses these fetishists.

Sneeze fetish: Sneezes excite these fetishists because sneezing is beyond a person’s control and parallels the cycle of an orgasm. Sneeze fetishists fully enjoy sneezes’ volume, wetness, build-ups and repetition. Next time a lone stranger in a corner says “Bless you” after you sneeze and stares at you longingly, you might want to consider backing away slowly.

Saliromania: Women mud wrestling a turn-on? That’s crazy talk. If you get aroused by dirtying or disheveling an attractive person, you’re probably a saliromaniac. These fetishists get off by smearing someone with mud or filth or by messing up their hair and makeup.

Robot fetish: Robot fetishists, also known as Nerds Gone Wild, are turned on by robots or people who act or dress like robots. Believe it or not, this fetish is more common than you think; a now defunct newsgroup, Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots, once devoted itself to fantasizing about female androids.

Many robot fetishists are also turned on by the hyper-sexual women in video games. If you’re wondering why your boyfriend spends so much time in front of his X-box, now you know.

Fruit fetish: What do you do when your favourite vibrator breaks or your lover is M.I.A? Fruit fetishists grab the nearest fruit. For fruit fetishists, bananas substitute for dildos and hands are no match for watermelons and pumpkins with holes drilled in them. These fetishists love a great fruit cocktail.

Diaper fetish: Perhaps the most disturbing fetish is diaper fetishism, which is different from paraphilic infantilism, the desire to wear diapers without necessity. Diaper fetishists are turned on by wearing over-sized adult diapers and often wear them on a daily basis.

Plushophilia: Welcome to the wild world of “furries,” a sexual community that takes pleasure in penetrating plush toys and having sex with people in fur suits. Mustang mascot J.W. better watch out for furverts in the stands.

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