Crazy sex laws

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Woman in lingerie

• Purchasing devices for sexual stimulation is illegal in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, Virginia, Louisiana and Massachusetts

• Until 1908 incest was legal in Britain

• Alexandria, Minnesota prohibits a man from having sex with his wife while his breath smells like garlic, onions or sardines

• The ancient Romans sentenced first-time rapists to having their testicles crushed between two stones

• Detroit, Michigan has a law against having sex in a car unless it’s parked on the owner’s property

• In Lebanon, it’s legal for men to have sex with animals; however, the animal must be female

• Bozeman, Montana bans all sexual activity in a home’s front yard after sundown " but only nude sexual activity

• A wife may kill her cheating husband in Hong Kong if she does so with her bare hands

• The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is beheading

• Canada repealed its sodomy laws in the 1960s, but the law still states the act can’t involve more than two people

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