Sex advice from people across campus

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Shirtless guy

Jon Purdy

“When giving head, it’s just good manners to cover your teeth with your lips. No one likes having something as sensitive as their penis scraped with your caps.”
"Andrew George
Arts IV

“Enjoy your sex as much as you enjoy your work.”
"Rohan Bedmutha
Master’s Engineering I

“I throw myself down on the bed buck-naked and scream ‘be gentle!’”
Western parking attendant

“Safe sex. Use a condom.”
"Megan Crockett

“Uninhibited sex is the best. Talk about it [with your partner] and free your mind.”
"Kyle Washington
Health science IV

“Masturbation is essential for girls to figure out what they really like or don’t like. Get a silver bullet vibrator.”
"Anika Latif & Ksenia Krikunovski
Ivey IV

“Make sure it’s with the right person.”
Centrespot employee

“Rhythm is important and has a huge pay off. Rhythm. Rhythm. Rhythm.”
"John Santilly
Spoke doorman

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