Parking restricted near King's in fall

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

For years, London residents near King’s University College have complained students take up a large percentage of available street parking, leaving them with limited options.

London City Council’s environment and transportation committee is recommending a new pilot project that will restrict parking on streets near King’s to homeowners.

“This sort of [problem] is not unique to that area,” explained Shane Maguire, department manager of London’s roads and transportation division. “It’s an issue across the city in areas where there are high demand facilities like hospitals and educational institutions, not just King’s College.”

The pilot project begins Sept. 1 and continues until April 30; it’s unclear how the pass program will affect students seeking parking close to Western.

Homeowners along Brough, Huron, Patricia, Steele and Waterloo Streets, University Crescent and Broughdale Avenue will each be given one street parking pass to hang on rearview mirrors. Secondary passes can be bought for $60 each.

Students and homeowners ap-pear to be in favour of the project.

Daniel Bahcheli, a resident of Brough St. for 23 years, is in favor of the idea. “Residential parking is a concern around here,” Bahcheli said.

Mathew Gallinger, a fourth-year management and organizational studies student, also believes the initiative is justified.

“It’s a great idea. People feel like they can park anywhere,” Gallinger said. “I’m in total agreement with the initiative, but it will be interesting to see what happens when the two-hour parking allotment clashes with those who have passes. Anyone can park on the street, but who has priority?”

The pass program will be effective Monday to Friday, with weekends and holidays open.

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