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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Caricature of The Gazette Front Office

Without further ado, here are the fine men and women that make The Gazette’s volume 101 the most scholarly rag this side of the Thames River.

FRONT OFFICE - Allison Buchan-Terrell (Editor-in Chief) has a seemingly endless intellect, which is absorbed with socialism, Marxist theory and other quirks that make her look like a Commie. She also has a flair for the stylish, so at least she’ll look good while she’s flogging a member of the bourgeoisie. Brice Hall (Deputy Editor) is a renaissance man who shines with his spectacular artistic talent. While most readers are familiar with him carrying the Graphics section on his back the past few years, one of his more obscure talents is the ability to hit four or five urinals simultaneously after a large coffee. James Hayes (Managing Editor) is a conflicted individual. His love of conservative fiscal policy is in sharp contrast to his hatred of technology and passion for psychedelic jam bands. He wears shoes better suited to a 45-year old man.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT " Peppy vet Desiree Gamotin will use her love of music and great attitude to infuse the section with more spice than a Sri Lankan pawnshop. Michael Gregoris offers ambition, a love for the arts and knowledge of the party scene that borders on fanatical. Kaitlin “Dirt Sheet” Martin has a profound knowledge of the celeb gossip scene; her sharp, biting commentary is often on exhibit in our “Celebrity Dirt Sheets.”

ASSOCIATE EDITOR " Confident, cagey veteran Dave Ward is our crack expert on student politics; he tackles student issues with enough zeal and gusto to make your stomach turn. Look for him to have the inside track on everything USC this year.

GRAPHICS " Though she would have preferred to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Elena Iosef instead settled for Western where she now channels her magical talent through her Olivander-made HB pencil. Also a talented cartoonist and new face to the paper, Tony Smerek is the ever-consummate romantic, wooing suitors over morning-after meals at cheap breakfast joints.

NEWS " Sarah Berman brings a fresh face and keen graphic eye to the News section. Her willingness to learn will let her natural talent blossom. Jaela Bernstien sprinkles both small-town charm and big-city flair in with her multitude of ideas to breath new life into the paper’s flagship section. Lone male Mike Hayes (no relation to Managing Editor James) has an outgoing personality and an encyclopedic knowledge of London that will make interview subjects comfortable. Multi-tasking Lauren Pelley asserted herself as a stud volunteer last year and will use her tireless work ethic and love of pressure to tackle the tough issues on campus.

OPINIONS " Eternally controversial, Malcolm Aboud will use his love of debate and sharp philosophical skills to project the voice of Western students and encourage discussion on divisive issues. He’s also deadly with a squash racquet, an agate ruler and a kebab knife.

PHOTO " Easily the oldest guy on staff, greybeard Jonas Hrebeniuk has wisdom, versatility and a love for shooting sporting events. He’s also from northern Saskatchewan. That must suck. While he entertains everyone in the office with his myriad phallic references, Jon Purdy is a perfectionist with talent and swagger to spare. He’ll always find that perfect shot. Lulu Wei was a seasonal ’zette volunteer and will certainly boost the section with her natural feeling for the artsy shot.

SPORTS " Gutsy, lovable ’zette vet Ravi Amarnath loves the big story, has an insatiable desire to improve the paper’s content and has a mysterious fetish for CFL football (note: he was dropped on his head as a child). Newcomer Katie Graves brings an incredible curiosity and a go-getter attitude to the table; she’ll thrive working with two veterans in Sports. Stephanie Ramsay infuses a brand of intelligent humour into her writing, which is unparalleled in terms of skill. Her organizational skills also ensure her co-editors won’t end up pulling their hair out.

WEB " Shawn Foster is back for another go, putting up with our absurd demands and making sure The Gazette’s web content is always sharp as a tack. If you look up “trooper” in the dictionary, you’ll see Foster’s smiling mug.

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