Fanshawe fracas followup

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Following the melee that erupted on Fleming Drive last Saturday, renewed efforts are being taken to quell community concerns in the Fanshawe College area.

“The events of Saturday will mean taking a new and firm look at what [Fanshawe] can do,” Emily Marcoccia, a spokesperson for Fanshawe College, said.

“Besides taking a targeted approach at problem addresses, we will also be targeting those who were responsible and let things get out of hand.”

In addition, Fanshawe will be appealing to the landlords to speak with the parents of those involved, many of whom have co-signed leases.

The Fleming Drive incident came on the heels of the largest enrolment Fanshawe has ever seen, an event that also saw the fewest number of on-campus incidents during Orientation Week.

Marcoccia pointed out a “dichotomy” regarding media coverage over the last week. On the same day the Fleming Drive story broke, Fanshawe held a private graduation ceremony for a student with cancer.

“I think it’s interesting to note that the whole world was focused on the missteps of a few individuals as we were celebrating the success of someone who best represents all that is good in students and academic achievement.”

Constable Amy Phillipo of the London Police Service wished to clear up some of the facts thrown around in the media frenzy surrounding the event.

“There have been numerous reports of riot police at Fleming Drive [on Saturday],” she said. “I want to say there was definitely no riot gear used during the Fleming Drive incident.”

According to Fanshawe Student Union President Travis Mazereeuw, there will also be an increased involvement by the FSU stemming from the issue.

“The students are upset because their image has been tarnished [by the partiers]. [FSU] will be ensuring that this doesn’t happen again.

“We’ll be speaking with those responsible. It is important for them to understand the effect they’re having not just on their own lives but on the lives of those around them.”

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