Wong 'relieved' with BOG win

Lecce crushes Senator-at-large competition

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Richard Wong and Nicholas Pozhke

Laura Barclay

YOU WON'T FEEL RICH IF YOU MADE THE WONG CALL. Richard Wong celebrates a Board of Governors victory with fellow candidate Nicholas Pozhke last night at the Spoke. Wong defeated Pozhke and Matt Wilson in the BOG race. To the victor, goes the spoils.

Last night, Western students elected a new crop of representatives to various branches of university governance.

For the undergraduate candidate-at-large position with the Board of Governors, students elected second-year MOS student Richard Wong.

Currently president of Delaware Hall residence, Wong survived earlier allegations of underhanded politics to emerge victorious. He beat out fellow candidates Matt Wilson, a first-year Law student, and Nicholas Pozhke, a second-year Social Science student. Wong received 667 votes, Wilson 525 and Pozhke 382.

Wong was “relieved” with the victory. “My first plan is to get through midterms,” Wong said with a laugh. “The first [BoG] meeting is in November and I’ll be starting my platform off.”

Though Matt Wilson did not attend the presentation and could not be reached for comment, Nicholas Pozhke was gracious in defeat: “It takes a lot of guts [to run], and I just want to thank everyone who voted in this election.”

In the Senator-at-large race, six students emerged victorious: Stephen Lecce earned a whopping 1,286 votes, Zachary Armstrong 813, Chris Busch 743, Theresa Yurkewich 724, Ajay Gajaria 721, and Geoff Zeni 706.

Lecce said he is humbled but excited to return to the Senator-at-large position.

“The big issue I want to address is financial aid, and making Western more affordable for students,” he said.

Busch is also determined to make changes with student aid.

“I [want to] try and see if we can increase needs-based and merit-based scholarships and bursarys . . . I think it’s absurd that 45 per cent of our students graduate with $35,000 more in debt,” Busch said.

There are also undergraduate constituency Senate positions. Jonathan Fuller won the race for science Senator with 203 votes over Renee Rioux with 173.

For the health sciences, medicine and dentistry Senator position, Stephen Zborovski beat Dalia Hasan 132 to 123 votes.

Andrew Beach and Arslan Khattana won the affiliate college positions with 144 and 106 votes respectively.

James East took the health sciences " kinesiology councillor position with 72 votes over Adnaan Bhyat with 40 votes and Brad Sooley with 31 votes.

Social science councillor went to Rachel Halpern with 384 votes, over Ray Park with 87 votes and Hamza Al-Saffar with 70 votes.

A total of 2,124 Western students voted overall in this election. USC chief returning coordinator Joe Cariati attributed the relatively low voter turnout to the recent provincial election.

“I feel like a lot of people were just tired with elections. They went through the whole provincial election. . . so people were just kind of sick and tired of voting. But I think we had a pretty good turnout.”

*Editors Note: We recently learned although he could not attend, he could have been reached for comment by phone.

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