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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

With big-name corporate sponsors, a free photo shoot and VIP treatment, Campus Gals offers female students a “once in a lifetime opportunity”" or does it?

In the Campus Gals calendar competition, 12 winning girls will receive a professional photo shoot with a photographer from Urban Male Magazine (UMM).

Each “Gal” will represent one of the 12 monthly corporate sponsors, ranging from Budweiser to AXE Body Spray, for a calendar that will be distributed across Ontario campuses.

“Girls who want to be part of this calendar sign up [online] and ask friends to sign up and vote for them,” explained Hemily Lui, president of the Student Spot Inc. campus advertising team at Western.

Since the top 12 girls chosen for the calendar could be from any Ontario university, Lui encouraged Western students to support their peers: “The more university students who vote Western girls for the calendar, the more Western girls get in the calendar. [It shows] pride and school spirit.”

Not everyone at Western agreed with Lui, however.

“[For] a school, I’m not sure [the calendar] gives the right impression,” first-year kinesiology student Lindsay Miles said.

First-year science student Chantal Armali felt the contest might increase a negative stereotype of typical “Western Girls”.

Lui stressed the contest is a great opportunity for aspiring models.

Additionally, each month’s winner could receive perks from her particular corporate sponsor, such as VIP access at local bar events.

Regardless of the benefits, some students voiced concern over the contest’s presentation of women, which could be said to resemble the style of men’s magazines like UMM and Maxim.

“I think it’s highly misogynistic and perpetuates the objectification of women,” second-year social inequality major Robert Nonomura said.

Women’s Issues Network (WIN) executive member Sarah Scanlon said the contest would not be an accurate display of women on campus.

“Why do they have to be [half-naked]? Why can’t they be fully clothed?” Scanlon said.

According to Lui, concern was raised before the launch of Campus Gals, but she said the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

“[Campus Gals] might come off to some people as degrading to women because you’re voting for them ... but [the calendar] is giving the opportunity for girls to be in a professional photo shoot, which may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The Campus Gals calendar contest ends Nov. 11. For more information visit

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