Bikini-clad PETA chick protests KFC

One of PETA's 'sexy vegetarians' wants people to take fried chicken business elsewhere

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A bikini-clad People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protester had Londoners honking and waving last Thursday while protesting in front of a Dundas Street Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“KFC is the worst of the worst. When people find out [KFC is] slitting birds’ throats while they’re fully conscious and boiling them alive, they take their dollars elsewhere,” Nicole Matthews, activist liaison with PETA, said.

Matthews is known as one of PETA’s ‘sexy vegetarians.’

In October, she posed in a video wearing nothing more than lettuce leaves and asked Texas Governor Rick Perry to encourage Texans to go vegetarian.

London was her last stop on an Ontario tour. While temperatures dipped below zero, Matthews took one for the team and decided to spread a serious message in a “fun and creative way.”

With the help of 12 local activists, Matthews handed out leaflets and DVDs from 11 a.m. to noon. The group even approached the KFC’s manager, who declined PETA’s information.

Matthews said people were very receptive to the protest and agreed to visit the PETA website.

“There weren’t many people going into the restaurant after they received the DVD,” she said.

KFC has been under attack from PETA for many years, but a spokesperson for KFC Canada said the public need to know the real facts.

“We buy our chicken from the same government regulated farms and food processors that supply Canada’s leading grocery stores and restaurants.”

According to the spokesperson, “KFC Canada follows a strict policy to ensure its suppliers treat chicken ethically and KFC Canada regularly and randomly audits [its] suppliers for the ethical treatment of poultry.”

Matthews said KFC is ignoring its demands, while other companies have been willing to give preference to suppliers that have adopted some of the standards PETA supports.

But the KFC media representative said Matthews and PETA do not know what they are talking about.

“Nicole Matthews ... is representing a U.S.-based organization that does not understand the Canadian poultry industry.”

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