Election update: Singer finds posters vandalized, Nelles absent at debates

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

With University Students’ Council elections entering week two, presidential candidates have started to face obstacles and dissenting opinions.

A number of campaign posters of USC presidential candidate Ben Singer were vandalized during an event held last weekend at The Barking Frog. Several of Singer’s campaign posters were marked by anti-Semitic drawings.

“It is disappointing to see a Western student targeted because of his religious faith, particularly someone like Ben who actively promotes diversity and tolerance in his campaign,” Marissa Daniels, president of Hillel at Western, said.

Both Daniels and Singer believed students should not have to face any sort of discrimination based on their beliefs and practices.

“I am confident that Ben and all candidates will maintain a positive campaign and one that focuses on issues, ideas and a vision and not on beliefs, ideologies or faith,” USC President Stephen Lecce added.

In other news, USC presidential candidate Stephen Nelles has maintained a limited presence, not showing up at either the USC council debate or media forum last week.

According to USC chief returning co-ordinator Nick Hung, Nelles is planning to do an endorsement.

Although Nelles has not dropped out, there are still issues concerning his finances. Nelles, as with all other presidential candidates, was given a budget of $1576 to spend on campaign-related expenses.

“We reimburse the candidates on how much they spend,” Hung said. “If [Nelles] drops out, his money will not be reimbursed.”

To receive full reimbursement in an election, a candidate must receive 10 per cent of all votes.

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