Getting personal: critiquing candidate's platforms

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Above all else, platforms are the cornerstone of any candidate’s candidacy.

With so much information to sort through, we have compartmentalized all of the candidates’ platforms to help you make a more informed vote.

In order to give you the most complete picture of every candidate’s promises, we have compiled perspectives from three individuals on our staff " Managing Editor Dave Ward, News Editor Michael Hayes and news writer Arden Zwelling.

Ward has been working for The Gazette for six years, has closely followed the University Students’ Council for the past three and is recognized as the guru of student politics in the office.

Hayes, a News Editor for the past two years, has sifted through all of the platforms with many members of the current USC Board of Directors and has also covered the USC extensively during his tenure at the paper.

Zwelling has been a writer with the paper for the past year and provides the newest perspective to our elections coverage.

Rather than going point-by-point in every candidates’ platforms, each individual has listed what they felt are their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Together, the three perspectives should give you a well-rounded idea on whose promises seem attainable and who has not done their research going into the campaign.

Of course, if you do have extra time, a full copy of each candidate’s platform can be found on their individual websites, which are listed below.

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