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Western emulates Graphic Services' green initiative

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Paper across campus has gone green following an initiative set by Graphic Services.

Forest Stewardship Council: Paper " a brand internationally recognized as one the most sustainable brands on the market " was integrated into Graphic Services to make the department more environmentally friendly. One year later, Western’s purchasing department has followed Graphic Services’ lead and bought FSC paper for the entire campus.

As a member of the “green team” " the Graphic Services group responsible for the change " Kelly Hunt, graphic designer at Graphic Services, said having this product distributed across campus demonstrates how an individual effort can make a grand impact.

“This is something that started small and then went big,” Hunt explained. “[Graphic Services] wanted to be more sustainable so we made the switch on our own ... and now it has gone campus wide.”

Unlike other generic recycled brands, Hunt said FSC guarantees their paper is environmentally friendly throughout the papermaking process.

“Recycled paper is great from an environmental impact perspective, but FSC paper not only supports the environment but ensures the resources will be there is the future,” Elizabeth Krische, director of purchasing for Western’s purchasing department, said.

“The mobius loop, the recycled symbol with the arrows, can really be put on anything so it can be misleading. FSC is very well respected internationally and the only one that can say that,” Hunt added.

Organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace are among the many international environmental organizations that endorse the use of FSC paper.

“People around campus are always looking for new ways to be sustainable in their everyday practices,” Hunt said.

“FSC paper is a great way to do it.”

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