Tonnos selected as next Huron student council president

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“I’m in complete shock,” said Yasmeen Tonnos, moments after being named Huron University College Students’ Council President for the 2009-10 school year.

“I think [the voters] saw that I would be able to produce a lot of change,” she continued.

“I think they realized I could bring forth enthusiasm and new ideas that could help lead Huron as a community in the right direction.”

While there could be only one winner, student council members and candidates alike agreed: this year’s HUCSC presidential election was friendly and well organized.

“The elections have been running very smoothly,” Dan Moulton, current HUCSC president, said. “Our candidates have done a great job ... they have gotten along great and I am very happy with how the process has gone so far.”

At the root of the election’s success, according to Matt Del Monte "HUCSC chief returning officer " was the mutual respect among the candidates.

“They have all worked together a lot and there’s a certain familiarity there that has definitely helped the personal relationship between candidates,” he said.

“It wasn’t really in any of their interests to not get along or take a low road because they all work together.”

Tonnos agreed, commending the campaigns her opponents put together.

“I’m actually really good friends with the other candidates,” Tonnos admitted.

“They ran good campaigns based on what they thought would work. Just by the results you can tell both of them are very smart, extraordinary individuals and that they each bring something unique to the table.”

According to Moulton, the most important quality the president must possess is professionalism, which he said was exemplified by all candidates throughout the campaign.

“I think the main quality is a professional nature; you have to represent students in a professional way. I’d say about 80 per cent of what I do is representing students in a professional way,” Moulton said.

“Other than that you need to be a team builder,” he continued. “You need to be able to bring people together and deal with conflicts that arise between people and provide a management style.”

Though these are important traits to posses, the candidates platforms in this year’s HUCSC centred around more pressing issues.

“If you look at [the candidates’] platforms, it’s always centred around advocacy, green issues and non-fee programming,” Del Monte said.

For the first time ever, HUCSC presidential election results were publicly announced at Huron’s Student Activity Centre yesterday. The event, much like the election itself, saw a modest turnout.

The final tally, after factoring in demerits, had Tonnos with 136 votes, Euming Lee coming in a close second with 126 and Jeff Crocker with a third place finish with 98 votes.

There are more elections taking place on affiliate campuses, with the King’s University College Students’ Council elections coming up in the near future and Brescia students taking to the polls next Wednesday and Thursday to vote for a number of positions on the Brescia University College Students’ Council.

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