Magazine investigation underway

Distribution of STUDENT under review by campus police

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Following a rash of complaints amidst a campus-wide dispersal, Western’s campus police are investigating STUDENT magazine for a variety of infractions, including wrongful distribution on campus.

The magazine, a private publication started by students at Western, was distributed in large numbers across campus early last week. According to its website, the magazine was started to provide students with a “well-rounded student publication made ‘for students, by students.’”

While the magazine was distributed in the University Community Centre, University Students’ Council communications officer Rachel Halpern pointed out the USC had not approved the magazine’s distribution.

“Any distribution of a student magazine in the UCC goes through an approval process,” she said.

According to Halpern, before distributing a publication, a USC ratified club goes through an approval process involving both student organizational advisors and the USC’s Advertising Oversight Committee.

“[STUDENT] magazine was not a club and it did not go through this process,” Halpern added.

While the major issue under investigation surrounds the legality of STUDENT’s distribution, Halpern mentioned the magazine’s content was a concern as well.

“One [problem] is that they broke the rules of the building by not having it approved, but another is that the content was deemed to be inappropriate by [some members of] the student body,” Halpern said.

According to both Halpern and Elgin Austen " director of Western’s Campus Community Police Service " while the investigation related to both the magazine’s content and distribution, it is focusing on the latter.

“The investigation is relating to both [content and distribution of the magazine] but we’re focusing on distribution for now,” Austen said.

Marshall Goldfarb, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, could not be reached for comment. Another member of the magazine was contacted but could not comment on the ongoing investigation pertaining to the distribution of STUDENT.

“We’d like to have spoken to the editor of the magazine but that hasn’t been possible to arrange until this point. We had one appointment but that didn’t work out for him,” Austen said. “We’d like to speak to him and get his side of the story.”

Austen added CCPS’ legal branch is currently overlooking the situation and is expected to arrive at a decision regarding STUDENT sometime this week.

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