Do-Not-Call list given favourable review

Majority of unwanted calls coming from United States

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

If you have received fewer calls from telemarketers lately, chances are you have signed up with Canada’s Do-Not-Call list.

The no-call list, monitored by the Market Research and Intelligence Association, has been considered a success since its implementation last September.

“Our research indicates the no-call list is working well,” Brendan Wycks, executive director of MRIA, said. “Based on our research, a great majority " 80 per cent " of the users have reported fewer unwanted calls.”

However, Wycks stated the initiative has not been “all roses.”

“A small but not insignificant number " 13 per cent " of people are reporting more calls,” he noted.

Various media outlets have claimed the increase in calls was a result of the list being passed on to telemarketing companies, an assumption Wycks was quick to dismiss.

“The stories regarding misusage of the list were based on assumptions and fraudulence with no evidence,” he said.

“Why would a telemarketing company seek out this list? The chances of recording sales from people who have taken action to avoid these calls are low,” Wycks explained.

Instead, he noted these unwanted calls were coming from the United States.

“You may have received calls about your car insurance expiring. If you listen to the call, they ask for your credit card information for the records of a company that does not exist. I receive this call on my cell on a daily basis.”

Wycks explained the calls have been traced to automatic dialers in St. Louis, Missouri that call all numbers within a given area code.

If you are interested in registering your number on the no-call list, you can do so at the government of Canada website,

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