USC vice-presidential forum taking place at Spoke Lounge today

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Today, students will have a chance to speak their minds at a media forum hosted by the University Students’ Council.

The USC will be holding the forum inside The Spoke Lounge at noon to discuss the upcoming vice-presidential elections for the USC Board of Directors. Twelve candidates are currently running for the four vice-president positions on the Board: VP-campus issues, VP-finance, VP-student events and VP-university affairs.

The forum intends to give Western students an opportunity to make inquiries and have their concerns addressed by candidates running for vice-president positions. The actual voting and ballot counting will take place internally by the USC at their second annual general meeting on March 21.

According to USC VP-finance Matt Kington, the USC is hoping to improve awareness and student involvement within the VP election process.

“It is great to have student involvement in the VP elections,” Kington said about the forum. “And if students are interested in the leaders of their student government then they should attend.”

“[The forum] is important,” USC communications officer Rachel Halpern agreed. “It provides a chance for not only the media to ask questions to the candidates but also students [to partake].”

According to Kington, forum attendees can expect to get an idea of who the candidates are and what ideas they have, which will directly affect students down the road.

The vice-presidential election process works differently than the presidential elections because only voting members of the USC can elect candidates.

However, this does not mean students have no input about which nominees will be elected to each position.

Apart from visiting The Spoke for today’s forum, the best thing students can do to take part in the process is make sure council members are informed of their opinion noted Nick Hung, chief returning co-ordinator for the USC.

Council members can only keep student opinion in mind if students communicate with councillors who they support, Hung added.

Besides the new president and four vice-presidents, a new communications officer will also be selected this week and announced at AGM II. Unlike all other positions on the Board, the communications officer is selected through an application process and does not have a vote on council.

For a full listing of vice-president candidates and their respective websites, please visit

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