What the various VPs are responsible for

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

What the various VPs are responsible for:

VP-university affairs

  • Represents all undergraduate students within the USC
  • Acts as a liaison between Financial Services, the Office of the Registrar and the USC
  • Oversees an academic issues program, which looks at problems facing students at Western
  • Advises the USC on government issues affecting education and Western students
  • Holds ties with advocacy groups, government agencies and lobby groups to advocate student issues
  • Researches student financial policy


  • Supervises all USC finances
  • Educates students on current financial issues or concerns
  • Holds jurisdiction over all organizations headed by the USC and can demand their financial records when necessary
  • Makes quarterly reports on the USC’s financial situation
  • Handles club financing and can approve club loans
  • Responsible for various other financial duties assigned by the USC president

VP-campus issues

  • Implements a campus issues program
  • Advises the USC on social and cultural issues affecting students
  • Examines USC policy to ensure it is up to date with current views
  • Advocates for Western students, focusing on historically disadvantaged groups
  • Oversees USC services
  • Recommends changes to the USC’s practices if they may contain any discrimination or unfair barriers

VP-student events

  • Oversees a student activity program, designed to assist Western students in enhancing their university experience
  • Meets with a range of people to decide upon best activities for students
  • Responsible for maximizing attendance at and student enjoyment of various campus activities
  • Co-ordinates advertising and promotions within USC events

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