2009-10 USC Board of Directors chosen

New vice-presidents start occupations in May

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The results are in and the Board of Directors for the University Students’ Council’s 2009-10 year have been chosen.

Eleven candidates ran for the four VP positions at the USC’s second annual general meeting on Saturday. Voting members of the USC elected the new vice-presidents at the meeting, while the communications officer was chosen by USC President-elect Emily Rowe.

Joining Rowe next year will be Will Bortolin as VP-campus issues, Sacha Kumar as VP-finance, Justin Arcaro as VP-student events and Dan Moulton as VP-university affairs. Carolyn Hawthorn was selected as communications officer.

The new Board comes from a variety of different backgrounds.

“Everyone who ran for all the positions brought a lot to the table,” Bortolin said of the campaign process. “Those who did get in are really great, it’s going to be a fantastic team and a strong year.”

Bortolin has had plenty of experience within the USC. Having been EnviroWestern co-ordinator for two years along with being a science councillor, Bortolin said he plans to use his position as VP-campus issues to improve communication with affiliate and faculty councils as well as within the USC.

“The position is a tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact at Western,” Bortolin stated, adding he also intends to better support commissioners and be a strong advocate with administration.

Moulton also has high aspirations as a VP. He said as VP-university affairs he wants to offer students more assistance when dealing with Western’s administration.

“The USC does not currently offer support for students who make academic appeals. I want to create an outlet where students will be supported during this process.”

Moulton added with his experience as a former commissioner-at-large and Huron University College Students’ Council President, the decision to run for VP-university affairs was easy.

“With my experience I felt that this was the role best suited for me. I have a great passion for student representation,” Moulton said. “I believe in the students of Western and in hearing their voices.”

Hawthorn, a former Social Science head soph, said she is also looking forward to working with the student body and hopes to promote USC events and encourage students to be more involved with the happenings on campus.

“I’m really thankful for this opportunity,” Hawthorn added. “I ran for this position to give back to the university in my last year. I’m looking forward to working with the university as a whole and [getting] the students of Western more involved in their school.”

The candidates will begin their one-year terms in May. For now, the incoming Board will focus on building a strong USC team.

“We have a lot of team building over the next few weeks, with transitions happening in May. Until then, we’ll all be hanging out and creating a great team,” Rowe said.

“I think it’s a group of phenomenal individuals. I’m very excited to start working with everyone.”

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