USC undergoing negotiations for licensed patio at The Wave

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

As a result of recent construction projects, the University Community Centre has been without a licensed patio at The Spoke Lounge for the past year " a void The Wave may soon fill.

Construction to Western’s future Student Services Building " which will have services such as the Student Development Centre and Centre for New Students " began in February 2008 where the old Spoke patio once was.

“We lost The Spoke patio, and that’s a huge revenue hit for both [The Wave and Spoke], so when we were given the opportunity from Western to build a second floor patio for The Wave, we jumped at the chance,” Charlotte Hall, site manager for The Wave, said.

“There’s no option to put a patio in at The Spoke anymore because of the renovations, but it makes sense for us to put one in at The Wave because we have the space for it.”

Though The Wave welcomed the opportunity to have a patio, there have been some financial discrepancies due to the current recession, which might prevent the project from materializing.

“The [University Students’ Council] is in discussions negotiating with the university on a compensation model that is reasonable and that is fair, and one of the options that has come of our negotiations is a patio off of The Wave,” USC President Stephen Lecce confirmed.

“We are interested in the loss of gross [revenue] and loss of value in lease improvement within that space. We also have a commitment to finding a patio solution in the future.”

According to Hall, much of the funding will come as compensation from the university.

“We will get compensation for losing The Spoke patio, but [Western] hasn’t decided on an amount that would be the worth of the patio.”

Though The Wave will be compensated for the loss, it is yet to be determined if it will be enough for the construction of a patio.

“We have constructed various models, while being cognizant of the fiscal challenges of the university,” Lecce said.

“We’ve been very flexible in the plans. It’s a tough time and it’s prudent that the university acknowledges its responsibilities, as we will acknowledge our responsibilities to the UCC and associated space.”

According to Lecce, should the plans to build a patio fall through, The Wave and Spoke will be compensated for lost revenue.

“If we agree to build a patio, then that money will be put towards a patio,” he explained. “If we decide not to, and that is an option, we will retain the money as a recovery for the loss of space and revenue.”

According to Hall, the proposed patio would extend The Wave’s space above Concrete Beach, behind what is now the dance floor.

“Our hope is that it would be located almost at the back of the restaurant on the second floor, extended over Concrete Beach,” she said. “We would have to turn our windows into garage doors, or change one panel into doors.”

According to Lecce, the proposed designs will not interfere with programming space at Concrete Beach. Negotiations on the proposed patio are intended to conclude by the end of his term.

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