The Wave facing major overhaul

USC’s proposed renovations would cost $1.2 million

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

After withstanding countless Rick McGhie and soph pub nights, Western’s finest eatery will receive a makeover this summer for the first time in over 10 years.

The Wave, which is owned and operated by the University Students’ Council, will close down for three to four months beginning in mid-April to enhance its current facilities.

The changes to the restaurant were announced at a USC council meeting Wednesday evening.

“The renovations will cost just over $1.2 million,” said USC President Fab Dolan. “The Wave will be paying the USC back over the next five to six years.”

Council votes to approve the venture in two weeks.

Dolan said the renovation costs won’t result in student fee increases.

Proposed changes include an 800-square foot student lounge, to be built around the existing coat check, and a permanent concession stand for Western Film.

In addition, the front entrance will be relocated to the bottom floor of the University Community Centre and all of the existing furniture will be removed.

Despite the new changes, The Wave’s fundamental layout, which features both restaurant-style seating and a dance floor, will remain the same. The restaurant’s square footage will increase slightly from 3808 to 3854 square feet of usable space.

“A number of thought processes went into this,” said Dan Smith, USC manager of bars and restaurants for the USC. “[The Wave] needed a facelift.”

Smith commented on the benefits of the restaurant’s design.

“We can do programming in addition to day-to-day restaurant operations,” he said. “Because of the flexible use of space, we can say ‘yes’ to special programming.”

Over the past two years, The Wave’s restaurant and alcohol sales have improved. The facility is used for numerous events, ranging from Ivey recruiting sessions to reunion parties during Homecoming weekend.

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