Biz leaders say students aren’t well-rounded

This week, outside the "Western Bubble" on campuses around the world...

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Washington, D.C. " A panel of business leaders and experts on post-secondary education has released a report outlining a need for university graduates to have a more well-rounded liberal arts education.

USA Today reports the Association of American Colleges and Universities said in the report “In an economy fueled by innovation, the capabilities developed through a liberal education have become America’s most valuable economic asset.”

The report identified essential learning outcomes graduates should possess that liberal arts education are well placed to provide.

The report was released with a poll claiming 63 per cent of employers believe “too many recent graduates do not have the skills to be successful in today’s global economy.”

Australia " La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia, has banned using campus funds to finance political clubs.

The Australian reported the university is one of the most politically active in Australia and a long-time hotbed for left-wing activism.

“Purely and simply it’s discrimination, and is the antithesis of what university is supposed to be about in terms of people bringing up ideas and debating,” said Sarah Cole, president of La Trobe’s Student Representative Council.

The university said the ban was part of a new funding agreement to support the student union and affiliated non-political clubs but declined further comment.

Boston " Harvard University’s Injury Control Research Centre revealed homicide rates are higher in states where more households have guns.

In a press release from Harvard’s website, researchers said results suggest, “it is easier for potential homicide perpetrators to obtain a gun in states where guns are more prevalent.”

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