2007 charity ball will be a 'Paradise Discovered'

Ticket prices slashed from $40 to $25

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Winter break may have just ended, but paradise is right around the corner.

The theme of this year’s University Students’ Council charity ball is “Shipwrecked " Paradise Discovered.”

The ball is being held Jan. 27 at the London Convention Centre. The dress code is formal; suits and ties are required for men and cocktail dresses are appropriate for women.

Peter Markvoort, USC charity ball commissioner, said ticket prices have been reduced to $25 each. Last year tickets sold for $40 each.

Markvoort said the new price is reasonable and will make the event more accessible for students.

This year, proceeds will go to the Special Olympics. Bill Mills, treasurer of the London Special Olympics, was “ecstatic” when he heard the news.

“It will certainly be one of this year’s biggest sources of revenue and will help to fund new uniforms for the athletes, as well as assist in upgrading equipment,” Mills said.

Markvoort said lowering ticket prices won’t mean a smaller donation to the Special Olympics or any less of a party.

“The charity ball committee is taking a different approach for this year’s ball, spending less on big-set pieces, which take hours to set up, and more on unique entertainment,” he said.

One example, Markvoort said, is a large wall screen displaying high definition videos of a tropical beach, going from sunrise to sunset as the night unfolds.

There will be various pre-ball promotions over the next couple of weeks.

The charity ball fashion show runs next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the University Community Centre atrium, and various performers will grace the atrium stage as well. Paula Perry and Jason Golisck are only a few of the various acts.

Markvoort said tickets are selling faster than any other year. Tickets can be purchased at InfoSource in the UCC. Charity ball is a 19-plus event. Government ID is required at the door.

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