Students flock to Huron College

Highest '06 applicant increase in Ontario

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Statistics show Huron University College had the largest increase in university applicants in Ontario last year.

Huron received 1,546 applications " a 20.6 per cent increase over last year’s 1,282. Huron also had a 23.5 per cent increase in the number of applicants choosing Huron as their first-choice school.

The province-wide average increase in applications was 5.9 per cent. Western saw an increase of 8.3 per cent.

Huron’s principal Ramona Lumpkin said Huron is delighted by the news.

“We really have a wonderful little institution here with a strong niche and differentiation in what we offer, but we are just not well enough known,” Lumpkin said.

She said Huron researched extensively before completing a strategic plan for increasing applicants in 2005.

“We looked really hard at the different things we needed to be doing to tell the Huron story,” Lumpkin said. “We learned that one of our biggest sources of referrals is our alumni, so we made a very concrete effort to engage our alumni in telling the Huron story.”

David Singh, president of the Huron University College Students’ Council, said he’s pleased Huron’s staff’s hard work has payed off.

“We love the recognition,” he said. “Huron really is the hidden gem of Western, and it’s good to see that others are beginning to take note of that.”

Singh said he remembered thinking as a high school student that Huron could offer him the best of two worlds.

“You get to know your classmates and your professors. But at the same time, across the street Western has everything you could want,” Singh said.

“We would like to have an applicant pool large enough to know that we can accept highly qualified students and get larger,” Lumpkin said. “We anticipate an ideal of around 1,200. It’s around 1,100 now, so there is definitely room for growth.

“We will stay small… all the things that go with being small are what makes us distinctive... but universities are competing for the best students, and so that’s our driving program.”

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