USC approves Wave renovations

Renamed restaurant should be ready by September

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Last week, the University Students’ Council approved a motion to give The Wave a $1.2-million renovation. The motion passed with only two dissenting votes.

“I’m surprised it passed with such a large majority,” said USC President Fab Dolan. “We haven’t seen proposals that size put forward to council in my years.”

The proposal includes plans to remove the restaurant’s staircase and the bar beneath it to increase square footage. In addition, the front entrance will be moved back and the restaurant renamed.

“What excites me about this project is it’s so multifaceted,” said Dan Smith, USC manager of bars and restaurants. “It will allow us to do all the catering events and have a full-service restaurant as well.”

Smith said the renovation’s main focus is removing The Wave’s raised floor. A plan to put an awning above the dance floor will make a big difference to The Wave’s atmosphere, he added.

“In the old Wave, no matter how well an event was run, it felt empty,” Smith said. “It’s going to feel a lot busier [with a lowered ceiling].”

“I honestly believe the floor needed the renovation, and if you’re going to do a job you might as well do it well,” said Matt Kington, a social science councillor who supported the motion.

Johann Fourie, a King’s College councillor, voted against the renovation.

“With the new recreation building [being built], a lot of the traffic is going to be directed toward that part of campus,” Fourie said.

He felt council needed to take a deeper look at different opportunities.

“Some [members of council] were a little hesitant about the $1.2-million price tag,” said senator-at-large Paulo Senra. “By the end, they realized the initiative was positive for students.”

Dolan outlined the next stages in the renovation process.

“Now we hand it over to management to carry out the tendering process for finding a contractor and starting a naming contest,” Dolan said.

Dolan said there will be an open call for name submissions, then five names will be chosen internally and put to a student vote, with the winner receiving a prize.

Smith said the renovations will take place this summer, adding the goal is to reopen by Sept. 1, 2007.

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