'We want Tom'

Tom Stevenson narrowly edges Chris Reynolds as USC president

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Tom Stevenson wins USC presidential race

Joyce Wang

TOM STANDS OUT. Tom Stevenson was elected USC president last night with 3,553 votes. Chris Reynolds was second with 3,176 votes and Josh Safer was third with 500 votes.

A photo finish was a fitting ending to a University Students’ Council presidential election considered by most to be a two-horse race.

With his campaign team chanting “We want Tom” in the background last night at The Spoke, Tom Stevenson was named USC president after narrowly edging Chris Reynolds.

“This race could have gone either way,” Stevenson said. “Hats off to Chris and hats off to Josh " they’re amazing guys.

“I feel really honoured and really privileged to run with these guys. They did an amazing job and I feel really good about the results.”

Stevenson finished with 3,553 votes, just 377 more than Reynolds’ 3,176. Josh Safer finished third with 500 votes.

“I’m so proud to serve the students,” Stevenson said. “And the job starts tomorrow.”

Stevenson is currently a USC science councillor.

His major platform initiative is “getting the word out.” He wants to improve communication between students and the USC using advertisements in The Gazette and CHRW.

He also hopes to increase representation for affiliate colleges and residences and has promised to ensure all campus groups get more recognition and access to the USC’s resources.

He has proposed implementing a 12-month bus pass for students and pursuing a student grocery store in the University Community Centre and seeks better representation on Council and more fundraising for varsity athletics.

Chris Reynolds after USC election results

Reynolds admitted losing was hard.

“We had a very strong team, and we put forward a very strong campaign, and I’m happy about that,” Reynolds said. “I wish Tom the best. He’ll be a great president.”

Despite his disappointment, Reynolds congratulated and hugged Stevenson.

“The students made their choice, and they made a very good choice,” Reynolds said. “I wish Tom the best of luck and I will support him 110 per cent. I will be behind him in every way I can.”

Josh Safer after USC election results

Safer seemed content with the results as well.

“I had no expectations for any of the three of us,” Safer said.

Asked if he thought he filled the role of a third candidate, Safer said, “From the random people walking up and saying, ‘I was behind you,’ I would say yes.

“Absolutely, good fun.”

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