UWO students to help build wells in Ethiopia

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A group of Western students will implement eight new wells worth $75,000 in Ethiopia next summer " all because one man’s grandchildren agreed to give up five years worth of Christmas presents.

While discussing different possibilities for a future project, Western’s chapter of the Central American Relief Project (CARP) came across an individual who wanted to donate enough money to build a well in an area where clean water is scarce.

“One of our members, Ashana Hassanah, got us in touch with WaterCan, who provided us with a plan to put in some wells and water sanitation systems and get a community water board to teach people how to keep their wells clean and use proper hygiene,” said Ogi Visnjevac, co-president and founder of CARP.

WaterCan is an Ottawa-based non-governmental organization dedicated to providing clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education to financially underprivileged people.

The individual donated $18,750 to the project on behalf of his grandchildren, Visnjevac said.

“For their Christmas present, [this individual] wanted to build a well somewhere in the world for people who don’t have clean water... They have given up their Christmas presents for five years so that he can do this.”

The rest of the money required to complete the project was donated by the Canadian International Development Agency.

Eight shallow hand-dug wells with pumps will be built in the Meskan District of Central Ethiopia in Africa for 4,000 people by members of CARP and WaterCan. Villagers will also help construct pit latrines and community laundry wash basins.

Visnjevac said CARP has been in contact with Nigeria, Guatemala and Nicaragua as well, as they also need funding for similar projects.

“Other projects don’t necessarily need $75,000,” he said. “If anyone over the summer can approach family and friends to do so, they [should] contact CARP.

“If there is anybody who is looking to donate some money or has an idea of who we can lobby to obtain some, that would be appreciated.”

For more information on CARP and its projects, contact info@carpuwo.com.

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