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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Western’s long-range space plan is well underway, aiming to provide students with a more efficient method of accessing administrative services.

As part of the current planning cycle, all faculties and support were invited to present space issues and space plans while keeping their academic and operation plans and the University’s Strategic Plan in mind.

An assessment of last year’s long-range space plan concluded the consolidation of all student service activities into the current Physical Plant Building " once the Physical Plant Department relocates to the new Support Services Building " is not adequate to accommodate future expansion.

It was recommended, in the University’s 2007-08 Operating and Capital Budget, a new building be constructed, directly adjacent to the University Community Center, to consolidate all student activities. Plans and building costs are currently being developed.

“The goal is to consolidate student services now in the periphery,” Karen Jackson, General Manager of the University Students’ Council, said.

Once the Stevenson-Lawson building becomes available a substantial portion of the vacated space will be handed over to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Social Science.

Relocation to the Stevenson-Lawson will include: the departments of classical studies and philosophy from Talbot College, the department of women’s studies from Somerville House, the writing program from University College, and the department of history from the Social Science Centre.

“The remaining vacancies in Talbot College, Somerville House, and University-College will make way for more classrooms,” Jackson noted.

However, with the rest of Western’s campus on the move, the fate of the beloved Spoke patio remains uncertain. The long-range space plan calls for a partial overlap that could leave Western drinkers sitting in the dark.

“As of yet, we have not seen any plans,” Andrew Mes, manager of the Spoke and Wave, said. “The University is, however, looking to possibly relocate the patio somewhere else.”

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