USC votes in next year's VPs

Lopes receives vote of non-confidence, nominations reopened for VP-campus issues

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sunday, at the final instalment of its Annual General Meeting, the University Students’ Council voted in next year’s Board of Directors.

In the day’s closest race, David Simmonds defeated Sandy Clark for the VP-university affairs position.

“I’m excited about the chance to make a new portfolio work, balancing internal and external issues,” Simmonds said.

Sabrina Sdao defeated Jenna Hanson to become next year’s VP-student events.

“I’m most excited about working with commissioners and also about a new initiative, ‘Bursting the Western Bubble,’” Sdao said.

She said the program will be a forum for students with unique experiences from around the world.

For the VP-finance portfolio, David Singh received a vote of confidence from Council.

“I’m looking forward to taking the portfolio to a place where it’s never been before and enhancing the student experience,” Singh said.

The VP-campus issues position has been reopened after candidate Pedro Lopes was narrowly defeated in a vote of non-confidence.

Lopes, who is this year’s VP-campus issues, was suspended for four weeks at last week’s Council meeting. He received 52 non-confidence votes and 45 confidence votes. Candidates need 50 per cent plus one vote to obtain the position.

Nominations for VP-campus issues are open to all undergraduate students until Thursday, March 22 at 4 p.m. The VP-campus issues election takes place April 11.

According to the USC website, the VP-campus issues’ responsibilities include: overseeing the implementation of effective campus issues programming; keeping the Board updated on students’ social and cultural issues; acting as an advocate for students, particularly those who are members of historically disadvantaged social groups; and evaluating USC policies and practices to ensure they don’t contain unfair barriers and are consistent with the current state of affairs on campus.

University Students’ Council President-elect Tom Stevenson said he hopes reopening the VP-campus issues position inspires several new candidates to run.

“I think there is a certain amount of reluctance to run against someone who has held the position before and knows the ins and outs,” Stevenson said. “Now that the position is reopened, I think we’ll get a good number of candidates.”

Stevenson said he’s excited about next year’s Board.

“They are great people,” he said. “We’re going to work very well together.”

VP-finance: David Singh VP-finance
David Singh, 93 votes of confidence, four votes of non-confidence.
Experience: Huron University College Students’ Council President, two years as HUCSC VP-finance, Huron head soph.

VP-student events: Sabrina Sdao VP-student events
Sabrina Sdao defeated Jenna Hanson 74 to 25.
Experience: senator, social science head soph, VP-student affairs for the Social Science Students’ Council.

VP-university affairs: David Simmonds VP-university affairs
David Simmonds defeated Sandy Clark 58 to 39. Two ballots were spoiled.
Experience: Federal affairs commissioner, deputy speaker of Council, residence orientation co-ordinator.

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