Miss_G Project alive and well thanks to $70,000 grant

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Women's Kit box

Nicole Bakker

THE WOMEN'S KIT IS FULL OF MONEY, APPARENTLY. The Miss_G Project, a student campaign started at Western to institute a women and gender studies course in Canada's high school curriculum, was given a $70,000 boost by the provincial government.

The Miss G_Project, a Western student-founded campaign to add a women and gender studies course to the Canadian secondary school curriculum, was recently rejuvenated after the provincial government gave it a $70,000 funding grant and established a council to review the addition of the course.

While its most tangible goal has been adding a women’s studies course to the high school curriculum, The Miss G_ Project is also trying to promote equity in education, combat sexism and homophobia through education, and encourage active citizenship.

“The first major change that we have recently encountered is that we met with the Minister of Education and she set up a council to review the addition of two courses: environmental studies and women and gender studies,” said Lara Shkordoff, co-founder of the Miss G_ Project.

Although still in the early stages of establishing the high-school courses, Shkordoff said Miss G members are excited and hopeful the review council will spark momentum.

“The second change is that... we received news that we are getting $70,000 in funding,” Shkordoff said. “Once you get the first donation, it’s so much easier to fundraise after that point.”

Shkordoff said funding was the project’s biggest obstacle.

“Ideally, this chunk will give us money to be a stable, young Canadian feminist organization… in terms of money this will allow us to just go full force again,” Shkordoff said. “The money will re-energize us.

“The government recognizes this course as essential and worth the money… receiving this money gives us a level of legitimacy.”

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