U. of Massachusetts student to plead guilty to stabbing

This week, outside the "Western Bubble" on campuses around the world...

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

This week, outside the “Western Bubble” on campuses around the world...

Massachusetts " A student accused of stabbing his professor at the University of Massachusetts plans to plead guilty to the charges.

Police said Professor Mary Elizabeth Hooker was stabbed in the neck by Nikhil Dhar after giving him a failing grade earlier that week. Police allege Dhar followed Hooker to her house where he stabbed and beat her until neighbours intervened.

Speaking with The Associated Press, Dhar’s lawyer said his client suspected he was going to fail a course and was afraid it would lead to his deportation.

California " Students at a San Francisco high school have developed a creative way of dealing with rejection from universities.

The Examiner reports these students file rejection letters sent by the universities under several topics and award prizes for the best in each category.

The different categories include “most obsequious while maintaining utter sincerity,” “least number of words you need to read before you know you’re being rejected” and “most emphatic rejection.”

So far, Harvard, Northwestern and Cornell have taken the lead.

Florida " Frank Brogan, president of Florida Atlantic University, recently announced his part in the push for the university’s vice-president’s departure.

The vice-president’s departure and the $578,000 severance package has caused considerable discussion at the school. Some alumni and faculty members question why such a large amount of money was given to someone who worked the job for less than a year.

Brogan contends state and foundation funds won’t be used in the buyout " only funds from beverage and other vending sales.

Massachusetts " The University of Massachusetts has awarded over 2,000 honourary degrees since 1885. However, according to CNN, the university is contemplating removing a degree bestowed upon Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe was once regarded as a humane revolutionary who ended an oppressive reign of white rule to establish the independent state of Zimbabwe.

However, in recent year Mugabe has been accused by members of the international community of being involved in attacks on dissidents, of allegedly running a corrupt government and of destroying Zimbabwe’s economy.

University of Massachusetts policy states degrees are awarded to people “of great accomplishment and high ethical standards.”

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