Congratulations to The Gazette Volume 101 editorial board

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Volume 101 Front Office: Allison Buchan-Terrell, Brice Hall, and James Hayes

Today’s issue is the last issue of Volume 100.However, The Gazette returns full-force next year for Volume 101 with its talented new editorial board. Congratulations and good luck,Volume 101!

2007-08 Front Office Members
Allison Buchan-Terrell, Editor-in-Chief
Brice Hall, Deputy Editor
James Hayes, Managing Editor

Section Editors 2007-08
Lauren Pelley
Osama Siddiqui
Jaela Bernstien
Michael Gregoris

Associate Editor
Dave Ward

Ravi Amarnath
Katie Graves
Stephanie Ramsay

Arts & Entertainment
Desiree Gamotin
Kaitlin Martin
Andrew Sullivan

Malcolm Aboud

Jonas Hrebeniuk
Jon Purdy
Lulu Wei

Shawn Foster

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