Arthurs voted in as VP-Campus Issues

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

At the final University Students’ Council meeting on April 11, James Arthurs was voted in as this year’s VP-campus issues. He beat fellow candidates Chad Callander, Arzie Chant and Stefanie De Rossi in a preferential ballot.

The election for the VP-campus issues position was delayed after nominations were reopened following a vote of non-confidence for the incumbent VP-campus issues, Pedro Lopes.

Arthurs’ platform was centered on identifying the root of campus problems and increasing awareness amongst students towards Western’s services and involvement opportunities.

With his proposed UCC map " Arthurs said that he wants to make finding offices easier for students.

“Most people in the UCC don’t know where [offices are],” Arthurs said. “We want to make that dead simple if someone is having an internal battle. [Services] are going to be clearly outlined on that map.”

Arthurs also aims to have a Pride Western speaker series featuring professionals from the LGBTTQ2 community.

Some of Arthurs’ other proposals include a rotating residence involvement fair, a revamping of ALLY training, and an online mental health directory.

“One thing I wanted to do as well is have a campaign for positions opening up on the USC,” Arthurs said. “In [positions] like this, you can’t have a ladder climber. You need someone who is passionate about what they do… not just people who wish to have a loaded resume when they leave this place.”

USC President Tom Stevenson said he is very happy to have Arthurs on his team as VP-campus issues.

“He adds a very good understanding of what the portfolio stands for, and is going to do an excellent job in the upcoming year,” Stevenson said. “He’s got a great personality, which meshes really well with all of us.”

Arthurs is the outgoing USC White Ribbon commissioner and has also been actively involved at Kings University College.

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