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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

David Simmonds
As if he weren’t already busy enough, incoming USC VP-university affairs David Simmonds has been elected as the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance’s president.

Simmonds, who is graduating this year with an Honours Degree in Political Science, will replace fellow Western student Paris Meilleur in the top OUSA position.

According to Chris Locke, executive director of OUSA, Simmonds is a natural fit for the organization, which strives to “improve the accessibility, affordability, accountability and quality of undergraduate education in Ontario.”

“In the few months that I’ve known [David], his dedication to student politics is almost scary at times,” Locke said. “He’s been connected to student politics and education for a long time " he’s the perfect candidate to lead OUSA forward.”

Scary? Nah. Impressive? We’d say so.

The Epic Pull Team
On Sunday, Western’s Epic Pull team returned to London " with their trusty six-ton RV in tow.

Since the 25 city Epic Pull tour began on May 11, the team has raised $10,000 for cystic fibrosis research.

The attention-grabbing fund-raising effort is the brainchild of Epic Pull chief coordinator, Bill Smoulders.

“There was a fantastic turnout,” Smoulders said, in reference to their stop in London. “It was one of our biggest pulls yet.”

Sunday’s event, which raised $1775, took place in the Masonville Mall parking lot. It’s the last time we’ll see the team until their triumphant return to London on Shinerama Day in September. Until then, the team is touring Canada from coast-to-coast in a journey nothing short of epic.

Donations can be made online at www.epicpull.ca.

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