Some pointers on healthy rez eating

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

1. Try to include as many of the four food groups in each meal (Fruits and Vegetables, Grains, Meat and Alternatives, and Dairy for those with amnesia) as possible. Make the salad bar a daily routine. Load sandwiches and wraps with veggies. Try to include a side salad with your entrée. Include a piece of fruit with your breakfast. Avoid the temptation of scarfing down a giant plate of pasta alone; while this might fill you up, you are missing key nutrients essential to keep you healthy. If you love pasta, take advantage of the pasta bar night at your residence and throw as many veggies as possible in your dish

2. Eat a healthy breakfast. If you start your day with a balanced breakfast, you stand a good chance of surviving your morning classes, feeling energetic during the day, and avoiding mid-morning snacking. Try eating eggs, whole wheat/grain toast or cereal, granola, yoghurt and fruit.

3. Keep track of your own diet; don’t get swayed by the bad habits of others. Some of your friends may take advantage of living alone by gorging on their favourites every night, but it will soon catch up with them. Do eat with friends from your floor, but try not to pick up their bad habits. Stick to your guns and make healthy choices.

4. Try to eat on a regular schedule with three square meals and a couple snacks per day. If you regulate your meal and snack times, you will be more likely to make good food choices. If you are constantly eating at different times of day, you may yo-yo between huge high-fat meals (eating late when hungry) to small incomplete meals (eating early when not hungry). Set a time and make dinner a floor family affair.

5. Save dessert for special occasions. There might be dessert available every night, but that doesn’t mean you should partake every night. If you have an insatiable sweetooth, enjoy the best sugars around: natural sugars in fruit. Instead of loading a bowl with ice cream, grab an apple or some fruit salad to satisfy your need for sweet. If you have to have dessert, stick to small portions.

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