Sloppier than a shirtless Drew Carey

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Fake ID: $20, booze: $50, outfit: $100, getting your ass busted for underage drinking . . . priceless.

From riots to robberies, the po-po have had a busy week dealing with the usual suspects.

Forty students began their frosh week with an expense that mummy and daddy didn’t expect"a $125 underage drinking fine.

Elgin Austen, director of Western’s Campus Community Police Service, said the majority of students busted were on their way to and from parties, specifically in the University College Hill vicinity.

Combative and disorderly conduct landed one student in the slammer downtown on Friday night.

Police arrested four people including two non-students, one for drug trafficking and one for a weapons offence, and two drunk and belligerent students.

Cops have also been frustrated with frosh jaywalking across Western Road, particularly in the area of Elgin and Wellington near the Saugeen Hill.

“It only takes a few to cross and then the rest follow like a herd of cows,” Austen said.

Campus police request students use traffic lights. Although no frosh have been turned into pancakes, Austen warned, “We’ve had a lot of close calls.”

A recent scam has been leaving Western students strapped for cash. For the past couple weeks, suspects have been asking people in chat rooms to cash cheques worth $499.

The victims are asked to send the money to a fake address and keep $50 for their troubles. Of course, the cheques are fraudulent and the student ends up losing a big chunk of dough.

Three males assaulted a female jogger on Friday Sept. 7 at 8:30 a.m. around Huron and Victoria St. After asking for her money, the men pushed her to the ground and fled on bicycles. The victim suffered only minor injuries.

Police have also been reminding students to lock all doors and windows. On Saturday night, thieves broke into a house on Beaufort St. through an improperly locked window. Three laptops and a collection of DVDs were stolen.

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